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New Online Course starting 21st April!


Communicating With Ki

An introduction to Clean Language for Shiatsu Practitioners

4-week online course with Nick Pole 

In the current global situation, we are all looking for new ways to support our clients online. In this course you will learn how ‘body-friendly language’ can help you work directly with Ki online or face-to-face, transforming the way your clients experience your treatments and classes.

Course dates and fee

April 21st, 28th, May 5th, 12th at 11am-1pm CEST/10am-12noon BST

The course fee is €90 or £80 and details about how to pay will be sent when you register.

 For full course details and to book your place, contact Nick at: [email protected]

See Nick’s interview with Mark Vroonland on ‘Body-Friendly Language’ for the European Shiatsu Congress 2020 here:



From Trauma to Joy: Cultivating conditions for Post-Traumatic Growth

Developing Embodied Connection with Clean Language, Mindfulness and Intuitive Touch

a 2-day course for bodyworkers, mind-body practitioners, mindfulness teachers and psychotherapists

26th/27th June, London

Contact: [email protected]


From Trauma to Joy

Workshop at the Shiatsu Festival, 3-5th July Zierenberg, Germany



Shiatsu, Improv and Beginner’s Mind

Workshop at the European Shiatsu Congress 2020, 4th-6th Sept, Amsterdam



Wenn das Trauma stärker Macht

30th Oct-1st Nov, KiCollege, Heidelberg



Words That Touch

2-day Introduction to Clean Language in Shiatsu

21/22nd Nov, Shinzui Bodywork International Institute, Brussels


Nick Pole working with Tracy Krikler at the European Shiatsu Congress, Vienna 2017

What Clean Language is about…

Understand how language can have a direct effect on a client’s mind, body and energy, for better or for worse, depending on how skilfully it’s used;

Listen to, and respectfully explore, the client’s verbal and non-verbal metaphors, since these can be the key to making positive, lasting change;

Liberate yourself from thinking that you need to know the answers;

Help your clients bring trust and compassion to the bodymind and its symptoms.


‘Words That Touch’ is an introduction to this phenomenally effective way of asking very simple questions, which help clients to make their own mind/body connections and participate more in their own healing process. Clean Questions bring a Zen-like clarity to understanding what a client really wants from a session, and are an excellent way of keeping the therapist’s own unconscious judgements, preconceptions and prejudices to a minimum in communicating with the client.

The course is open to practitioners of shiatsu and any other kind of bodywork who are interested in integrating Clean Language into their work with clients and students. In this workshop, we will explore both words and touch as an extension of the presence, awareness, curiosity and compassion we bring to the process of meeting another person. The kind of contact we will be using during the course will be simple and intuitive and you don’t need any formal training in shiatsu or any other kind of bodywork to do it.


See Nick’s YouTube demonstration how effective one simple Clean Language question can be here.  


In this experiential workshop we will explore through movement, posture, metaphor and touch how mind and body communicate within a therapeutic relationship. If you are interested in how Clean Language can help your clients get more from their treatments, this workshop will give you an unforgettable taste of the many ways that language can open your awareness of Qi.

You will learn how to:

• Discover the mind-body connections hidden in the key words your clients use.

• Keep your therapeutic language as free as possible from your own unconscious pre-suppositions, preferences and judgements.

• Help clients work mindfully with the fears that can block their healing process.


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