About Me

For over 25 years I have been looking for ways to integrate language, mindfulness and bodywork, so that you can:


  • make sense of the subtle changes that come from working directly with body
  • develop an intelligent, collaborative and friendly relationship with your own body/mind
  • develop the skills you need to bring that relationship into your everyday life.


I have been practising, teaching and writing about shiatsu for twenty years, and I am fully insured and registered as a practitioner and teacher with the Shiatsu Society UK . I studied history and political science at Cambridge University, then worked for ten years as a filmmaker until eventually burnout led me to seek help from a highly-recommended acupuncturist. Soon after that I started training at the Shiatsu College in London, and was one of its first graduates. I joined the Shiatsu College teaching staff in 1992.

Mindfulness, Language, and Touch

I then studied the health applications of NLP, at the same time studying Seiki shiatsu with the Japanese master Akinobu Kishi. Looking for ways to integrate these two, I found Clean Language. which I now specialize in as a beautifully simple and effective way to help clients discover how to listen to themselves at this deep, embodied and authentic level. In 2012 I trained to teach Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and have integrated the clinically-proven benefits of mindfulness into my work with Shiatsu and Clean Language. Since 2013 I have been the coordinator of London Mindful Practitioners, a non-profit support group for professionals who use mindfulness in their work, which now has over 400 members.


Kensal Green, London NW10 6AD



+44 (0)20 8969 3405

Metaphors, Qi and the Ethereal Soul

Metaphors, Qi and the Ethereal Soul

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Beyond Words: Shiatsu and Clean Language

Beyond Words: Shiatsu and Clean Language

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